Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, January 20, 2020

A Start of a New Week.......

Walk a mile or two in my old shoes.  It is time to toss them. I actually had tossed a set of shoes that were newer than the ones on the right. The old shoes were moved here and I ended up mowing the lawn wearing them.  And now, the new shoes have walked all over Israel through sand and rocks. They were on the temple mount and Jerusalem streets. The were at the shore of Galilee and the Golan hills. I won't ever forget all those churches we walked through and sang choruses in their sanctuaries. Most memorable are the streets down under that are dated three thousand years old or more with rough cobblestones and carriage wheel grooves.

I keep trying to capture a photo of the bird feeder covered with a dozen or more birds on it.  Every time I pick up the camera the fly away. This one shot shows the two stragglers that didn't get gone yet. They are watching all the other birds flying away and are ready to take flight.

 The markings on the house finch are really detailed when you can see them in a close still shot. The red on their backs isn't so visible while they are moving around searching for seed.

The sparrow seems to be the largest flock that I have as they have all settled into the blue spruce tree.  We are very cold again today and there is a light snow falling.

I am procrastinating on clearing my sidewalks at the old place. I think there is about four inches of snow on the walks but right now we are the coldest area in the whole nation.  I didn't go up on Sunday as the wind chills were unbearable.  Snow is falling up there today but it still is only 5 degrees F. up there and it will be warming up to 7 degrees F. for today. I am going to wait until tomorrow to clear them as it will be warming up to 22 degrees and that will seem like a heat wave.  The last time I cleared my walks up there the only footprints on my one walk were the neighbor's cats. It is too cold for anyone to be walking on sidewalks in Iowa.

I didn't see any thing of the bunny this morning but there were new tracks.  I poured more seed out on the ground for it. We have a light snow right now but it will not be measurable.

Our day will be another one of snow bound and cold bound.  I took a quick journey to the grocery store late afternoon and I froze my fingers off putting the groceries into the trunk .Glove don't keep that bone chilling cold off of the fingers. I hope everyone is surviving out there with their particular weather.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

What a cute bunny you have! I am not certain we have any around since we have fox in the area and coyotes. Yes it was a tad chilly this morning. I decided to nap today instead of move snow it will still be there tomorrow when it is warmer:)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Old shoes are great to keep around for those nasty outdoor chores, and sometimes bittersweet to part with as many if us know, Larry. The male finches are colorful.