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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Thursday's Things......

As my directions continue to be confused in my area, I do know the sun comes up in the east. As the days get longer I can get up and find the sun up there in the sky a lot highter.  It also will shift to the left here giving me a clear view.

When we are on tour we did find the change of the land to be interesting. We also got lots of view of our own people and others from all over the world. As I continue to edit photos from our trip to Israel I find certain ones that really are fascinating to study. We are returning from the shore of Lake Tiberius. It is more commonly known as the Sea of Galilee. You can see the rows of palms makes the walk more interesting. The bushes  and other shrubs are not familiar to me.

Inside a building in Jerusalem that has been recreated into a mall the place reminds me of buildings reworked in Kansas City. The mall is disguised with brick face building of old on the outside. The mall actually took a turn to the right and went back further in to bakery shops, pizza places and cell phones store. The focus is bad but youn can get the picture.  I just noticed the old Jewish man in the photo.  Jews from all of the world now live here. Hebrew is the common language but many times the people are from other European nations that still speak their original home land language.

Of a street in old Jerusalem are shots tucked in from canopied streets. A pizza place is much like ours where you can order by the slice or order a pizza to go. The young man in the red shirt is Andrew who was having his 12th birthday on the streets of Jerusalem. The owners speak English by necessity to help business transactions from American tourists.

The streets are line with benches so school kids can catch the right bus to get home. The streets are paved but the sidewalks are blocks of stone.

 The view through the bus window shows the layout of the streets in Jerusalem. In this view you can see how the street just keeps winding up and around a hill. You can see the taxi if front of us is blocking the street.

More photos of the past are coming.  We took down one Christmas tree today. It is just a blank spot again not leaving a trace of any teddy bears or jingle bells. I even swept the floor to get rid of the few plastic tree needles.  Thank you for stopping by today.

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Rose said...

That trip will be one of the highlights of your life...