Saturday, January 25, 2020

Saturday's Short Spot.....

The dove was on duty early this morning sitting on the ledge and watching. Their behaviors of just sitting  makes them an unusual bird. The can be spooked but most times they seem really calm.

J was able to shovel the deck agian this morning. I had just cleared it and then we added four or five inches of snow again.  The cleared the  walks at the old place this morning and then cleared my driveway back home.

We went to the bookstore yesterday afternoon and had a meal out afaterwards.  Then we took back roads through Des Moines and suburbs to get home as the streets started to freeze and cars were spinning and slidding everywhere.  It was hard to accelerate and also hard to stop.  We drove really slow and did make it home safely. I had to remember that we were not in any hurry.

We will have temperatures of low 30's for the next week. It would be nice if it will melt but it won't much do that.  Thank you for checking in today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

More snow...lucky you! Be careful out there lots of idiot drivers when the roads get bad:(