Friday, January 3, 2020

My Findings for Friday.....

It is time to take it down. I opened the door from the outside and one of the bells fell off of it. It isn't an outstanding wreath but it works.

I find papers that have blown into our back yard as the paper flies on a windy day when cans are dumped. Usually it is loose newspaper that has blown down the street and into the back yard.  This though is kids Christmas wrapping paper We have a family northwest of us with three kids so this could have come from their garbage.

Another that I found in the yard was a different kind of paper. It is fun to see what people pick for wrapping up things. I pulled up a drinking can in the front yard which was a light weight aluminum.  It must have rolled down the hill before blowing up into my flower garden area.

My redtwig dogwood turned red early this year.  The color is such a nice deep red this winter.  After my first year here at the place I trimmed them all down to about two feet.  Unfortunately two of them didn't like it and they are still short two years later. Garden magazines suggest trimming them back each fall but I don't think that it will work if some of them won't regrow again to normal size.

I was out last evening trying to get a good shot of the tree in the sun room. I decide instead to take a photo of the whole thing. It really hasn't been 6 months since it was built so we are still getting use to having it. It really did make the back of the house look more interesting.  It looks junky with the bird feeder in the foreground. I really haven't tried to landscape it anymore than the planting of two rose bushes. Maybe this spring I can work on it.

When I get tired from all my chores I can now sit down and look at my new seed catalog. I haven't ordered from them for years but they seem to figure out how to send me one.  It is really early this year.  I wish you all to have a great day. Snow is coming for us. Thanks for stopping by today.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

I've been browsing over spring seed catalogs too, always an inspiration in the winter months :)
Interesting wrapping paper, makes you wonder how far down the street it has travelled !
Beautiful sun porch over your deck Larry, its probably a three-season porch, I bet it gives you great pleasure sitting out there.

Rose said...

I just last night ordered two seed catalogs...if I can remember will look for this one. I would love that sunroom!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your sunroom is a perfect place! I bet it gets lots of use!