Monday, September 28, 2020

Barns and Stuff....

The rose contines to bloom even though it is very cold. It will be about 57 degrees F. all day today. It is too cold for working outside for me. 


A few of the monarchs are still traveling through. It seems too cold right now but if the sun comes out they will fly in and warm their wings.  I saw a tomato worm out and about this morning. It was a little much in a stupor but he was still alive.  I am trimming back the branches on the tomato plants a few at a time rather than just clearing them all at once. 


The f;ag iris puts out a long time foliage that looks good until it freezes.  I usually cut back the seed pods and I haven't done so yet, I have been placing mulch among the free growing things.  It is hap hazard right now but in the spring I will improve on the job.

A friend and former student of mine from many years ago sent me this  photo of two barn board paintings. I had painted them for his mother probably 35 years ago. He now owns them and is going to hang them in his man cave. It was a long time ago when people would bring  you things and say paint me a barn. They are rustic looking which is befitting for barn board paintings.

I asked him to send me individual shots of them both. I did have a copy of this one but the photo was buried in a box. It is rustic and contrived but it is what it is. I see that I dated this as 1988.

This one I painted for her as well as another one pretty close to it  for her boss.  I had no photo record of those two so I was glad to see that he had the painting. I am told by my students that it hung in their summer cottage as  students visited the place and came back to tell me they had seen it.. Spontaneous painting with the idea of making it rustic and yet a half way good compositition.  It is spooky to look back at my old work  I don't even want to wonder how I would paint it differently. I  so know that it is novelty art like any painting put on unusual surfaces. 

Brad is in a family of a twin brother, and another set of twin brothers, and one only big brother. They just lost their father and one of the twin brothers.  I am suspecting that the mom is headed for a condo.

Being from the farm I did paint a lot of barn paintings. I really don't paint any more. They do work better being painted on canvas rather than wood. 

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The Furry Gnome said...

Love the pictures!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I like the paintings on old wood! You are so talented!!