Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Tuesday's Things....


 It isn't a great sight. It is cold and cloudy with rain hitting off and on all day. A hot day would be welcomed but not this week. 

In side the su nroom it looks warm but the heater is actually turned on today. This is a hidden stem of flowers that I found under over growth of zinnias. I had to turn on the heat this morning and we did smell the first time heat with the burning dust smell.

I picked tomatoes yesterday and they are not going to be hurt by the cold weather. A lot of the tomatoes are smaller but it is not a problem as they taste so good this  year. 

The new fence got rained on last night. We had a lot of sessions of heavy rains and also lots of lightning and thunder.  We haven't seen lightening for a long time. I am sure a lot of the moister was soaked it so flooding didn't happen. I appreciated this photo as I can see the work that I did to get that corner to be clean. The pussy willow had lot of bottom branches that I had to clear and a dogwood bush that I leveled to get it clear. The workmen needed all the space to build the fence. 

The neighbor did not like the end result of the cap of the fence. The company came back and added a six inch facing of wood attached under that lip that shows with the cap; He said the company was not happy with him but the brochure does  show it finished off more distinctly.

Blooms from last week before the heavy rain. I will need to trim it all back down for winter weather. The weather is too cold for the Janpanese beetles. 

It is Tuesday and it seems like winter. I went out for the garbage and also to retrieve tomatoes from the  patio table. It is miserable with the North wind blowing in the face. Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

The yellow roses are so pretty! Enjoy the coolness:)

Laurel Wood said...

Your weather does look gray and cold but the colorful flowers sure brighten up things. It is often hard to get workers to finish a job like it should be; the fence is very attractive. I know your tomatoes taste great.