Friday, September 4, 2020


 I finally finished the frame for this portrait. I started the frame a month ago and life just got too busy with things going on everywhere. The portrait was a gift to me from my wife. Our precious grand daughter Ella is growing up fast. The frame is oak from a stick of molding that I miter cut and assembled.  I finally decided to put a paste wax finish on it leaving it natural looking.

The zinnias continue to put out new colors. I am glad that the whole bed has filled in to look like they are suppose to.


I have an old trellis in place for a trial run. I think I want to put a new white trellis here to match my white deck railing. We finished taking the things out of our friends apartment this morning. We threw a lot of things away. We left a lot of things for the residence people to go through to see what they might like. The open the door for people to come in and get a crock pot or a coffee maker.  We had lots of plastic storage containers laying out them that people like to have. We have some loose items to deal with and our friend is still in the hospital. She may make it to a nursing home. 

Thanks for stopping by today.


Laurel Wood said...

Hi Larry and Della, The portrait of Ella and your frame/mat turned out beautifully. She is a darling little girl.
Your zinnias, the rose, and the new trellis are so nice.
Praying for you both and your friend during these difficult days.
God bless your weekend.

Far Side of Fifty said...

The portrait of Ella is a beauty! Nice frame!
Sounds like you are taking care of your friends stuff...that is not an easy job:(