Tuesday, October 19, 2021

A Warmer, Sunny Day....

 An almost full moon was out last night with just a haze of clouds to shoot through.  I see the 20th is the official full mooon date.

The bluejay is always flitting around so getting a blurred photo is normal. I like the shot thought and you can get the picture of his dipping into the seed and then immediately flying away to the blue spruce tree.  Eating in the trees seems safer than opeing the seed on the feeder. 

Stuff on a shelf represents many adventures.  The fish is from Estes Park, Colorado.  The pot was handmade by me in ISU and fired in a kiln in Woodward, Iowa.  The carved olive wood sculpture is from Jerusalem, Israel. The cheap shelf is from Wayfare from who knows where. 

I don't know if I have shared this before but I will do it again anyway.  Every morning I walk out on the patio and the morning glories are putting out great color.  I like how it now reseeds itself with a care free attitude taking over the post. 

I am putting a new coat of sealer on my deck today as we are having a warm day.  I will use a roller and put it on in short time.  I decided to just roll it on and throw all the parts away when I get done.  A used roller pan can just be gone and I won't have to worry about clean up.

Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Pretty Morning Glory, you have some other vine growing there too...looks good:)

Rose said...

Have you tried spraying the sealant on? That is what Roger always did, and I did that this year. Worked good. But I wondered if you know of a downside to it. They were out of Thompsons...which we have had good and bad luck with. But I was going to get it and they did not have it. So I got one put out by Rustoleum and it looked so strange, I thought I had really messed up, but it turned out real good. Now to see how long it lasts and works good.