Saturday, October 16, 2021

Sat. Stuff.....

 It has always been mysterious to me to see the moon in the daytime.  The photos of it are so great though as it has the nice sky blue background.

Our colder temperatures are going to start to take out most of the flowers.  The asters are spent already and the sedum doesn't have such bright colors anymore.

The feeder is busy as the birds need seeds to eat to help them warm up better.  We are really cold this morning so the feeder is very crowded. 

We ventured out to eat breakfast at the Original Pancake Place.  It is fun to see people coming in half awake ready for coffee to help them waken.  We will not warm up to above 70 degrees F.  I won't be working in the garden anyway but I have brought in a lot of my potted flowers that were sitting on the patio.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Good moon shots, how nice that you feel safe enough to go inside a restaurant...we went out for a late lunch on my birthday and Far Guy picked up a virus that he is just now over. Stay safe!

Rose said...

I kicked the heat on this morn...just to take the chill off. I would like to sit outside but the wind is too chilly to attempt it. I wonder if we will have another day warm enough for that.

That is a lovely moon does seem sort of odd to see it hanging in the sky during the day.

Oh, every time I open your blog, I love seeing that Double Wedding Ring Quilt! What is the story behind it? If you have told on your blog, point me to it...cause I don't come every day so might have missed it.

L. D. said...

It is my great grandmothers quilt. I inherited two of them and I want to research her name and reblog it again telling more about her.