Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Middle of the Week......

 My wheel stop for the old wagon wheel is a piece of petrified wood from Wyoming.  That wagon wheel  is heavy and would roll down the hill rapidly and take out a section of fence.  I was with my parents on a rock hunting trip where we drove though sand hills of barren land with chunks of these petrified rocks laying everywhere.  Being that they are not agatized they can not be polished to a shine. I was 20 years old back then.  I guess that means 51 7ears ago.

If it were to roll down the hill it would hit this newest rose bush at the bottom of the stairs. 

If it would keep rolling down the hill it would run into this knock out rose.  It was planted there a few years ago and it didn't like the clay filled soil.  It finally took hold and it put out a few blooms all summer.  It isn't so big but maybe next year it will take hold. 

While I was out taking shots I decided to cut some of the roses inside.   I found an old pair of scissors and clip a few blooms.

The roses now sit on the antique chest of drawers showing off their shape and colors.  They actually have a little bit of a fragrance. 

The Thompson's Watersseal works well after I applied it yesterday. It was suppose to have 48 hours to really be dry but the rain clouds didn't cooperate.  I am not really worried about it. I did get all 15 steps and facing plates coated and they are shedding water now too.  I can feel a few new aches and pains today but it was nice to get the task done. The finish I put on it last year was good but it wasn't as good as this product. It darkened the color of the deck and I do like that too. 

We are having a gloomy cool day today.  I did get out and walk the estate but I wore a coat. We will be doing that more often now.  Thanks for stiopping by today.


The Furry Gnome said...

That looks so much like real wood!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Nice wagon wheel and your roses are just lovely!