Monday, October 18, 2021

Monday's Here.....


It is time to bring in the stuff.  The weather isn't threatening but I tend to bring things in with winter coat and gloves.  I am not doing that his year. 


 Because we were in a drought all summer the hardy geraniums really did not increase in size.  I dug these four up and they were just in original root formation with no out shoots of roots.  The ground was so dry.  I put them in new topsoil and hosed them down with  lots of water. I can keep it on the patio for a while and bring it in over night if I have to.

Yes it is an antique if I made it 53 years ago.  It is ready for a shade.  I have been shopping on the net and probably can get one at Wally Mart if I ever get there.  Cedar wood all polished and ready for the shade. There were so many tops and sides on this that I tried to count them all and then I just got tired. Many faces to wax and polish but it was worth it. 



I was inspired to dig the hardy geraniums because I was out planting a small knock out rose in the front garden.  I went to buy lamp bulbs and found them on half price.  I just bought one even though I was tempted to fill the cart but didn't think I had the energy or space to plant them. The kind of rose is called a petite form of the rose.

The bluejay comes to the feeder, grabs a seed, and flies off to the blue spruce. It is hard to get him in focus when you darts around like a crazy bird.  I am glad he comes at least once a day to visit. 

Thanks for stopping by today.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Always a good time to store away your garden pretties, and much more pleasant than wearing bundles if clothing. That is the sweetest little angel.
Light bulbs send me into hyperventilation mode when trying to select, it's all do ridiculous.
Have a wonderful week Larry.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your lamp is just perfect!! What a great blast from the past!