Tuesday, October 26, 2021


 It looks like spring in my neighbor's yard but it isn't. The wind is blowing and the temps have gotten up to nearly 60 degrees F. You can see the leaves changing on the trees behind this one and the top of the one is turning red. 

The tray for a large flower pot is my impromptu rain gauge.  We almost got three inches of rain in the past few days. The birds do come and drink from the tray of water.

The leaves are starting to turn but it seems slow.  I cleared out old asparagus today that really had started to grow. The stems I cut off were bright and green as if it was a bunch of fresh plants.

I did not clear anymore zinnias today but I did clear three more tomato plants.  Unfortunately they are in piles on the yard as I would like them to die back some before I stuff them in the large paper recyle bags.  I have only three more to clear.  I may get to that tomorrow between the predicted rains. 

I did take down my lone sunflower yesterday.  I kept parts of it to see if I could get seed from it.  I think the birds picked all those buds clean.  My wife and i completed a difficult task today of takng down a hanging  light that hung over the counter.  I needed to replace two of the three bulbs and when I got up there to it, standing on the island counter I could see we had to clean everything everywhere. The globe was a bowl shape and it was very heavy. Thanks for stopping by today.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Our temperatures are still very mild, new Clematis blooms on the vine emerged today. Your flowers still seem to be enjoying these gentler days, lots of colors and still heartily blooming.
Enjoy your week Larry, they predict we are in for some stormy weather.

Far Side of Fifty said...

At least the island counter gave you a sturdy place to stand! I see you still have tomatoes on the fence for the neighbor!