Friday, October 22, 2021

Friday's Finds......

 The city has given a company permission to put in an internet cable throughout.  I guess it gives them permission to enter peoples property without permission. We all have painted lines and arrows pointing in directions.  It is like an invasion when all the workers out there marking all the lines already buried.  Most people have gated back yards so I guess they just open the gates and go in without permission.

It is cold and hazy so my moon shot is actually partially out of focus.  This was taken one day after tne full moon and already you can see the fuzzy edge at the top of the moon.  The night we had the full moon we were clouded over all night.

This is another view of the front of the house as the mums bloom and the roses continue to fade in the very cold weather.


My red bud tree is only a few years old but it is growing quickly. I like seeing the leaves changing.



The late blooming hibiscus has smaller blooms.  It is a strange thing that they are blooming but the rains coming after a long drought has caused it. 

I am glad that I planted dahlias this year.  I will wait for a freeze to kill off some of the foliage before I will dig them. I have glads to did also as well as one canna.  I hope I get some warmer days for me to do it but I can wear a winter coat.  Thanks for stopping by today. 


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Far Side of Fifty said...

Progress marking lines I guess...maybe you will get fiber optic cable:)