Friday, May 15, 2020


Thursday's rain was a challenge for a lot of the birds.

Friday morning is a sunny day with good conditions for the dove on the deck. 

The onion sets from last year are coming up strong.  I had only four of them that survived the winter. I need to get in my new sets soon as they like being planted in spring. It is actually too wet right now but I have not bought sets yet. 

The voles over the winter, ate everything at this corner of the garden. Not every thing though as this one columbine escaped them. The rest of the area that was devoured included, a dozen liatris spike flowers, a tiger lily, and an area of asparagus.  I am having a hard time deciding what plant that I want to put back in there. 

Here is evidence that grass can grow under these trees. It took the lawn service to get it to green up and grow. 

The day is warm and sunny so we are glad.  It is Friday and we have some food places opening  today.  My wife gave me a haircut but I could go to a barber today.  I hope everyone is being safe out there.  Take care.

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Laurel Wood said...

I love to watch and listen to the doves. We've had a wet and cool spring here. Your grass is just beautiful.