Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, May 24, 2020


The weather keep changing and our clouds now look like this.  We have been told that thunderstorms will hang around for half the day.

I apparently moved the white iris down to our home a couple of different time a ther is another one now in bloom. Photo taken from the balcony above.

The white iris against the fence is doing well.  It is a good indication that I could put more iris over there and they would do well.  I have a couple of iris that are not going to bloom because the red twig dogwood grew up and out and is shading them.  They didn't putI on buds like they did last year.  I can't move any plants into that area until I know for sure the voles have all been illuminated.  I put more vole poison out a few days ago as a couple of burrow holes opened up after the rain.
Without any fanfare, I stopped om the middle of paver work and I planted my puny tomatoes.  I used my tulip planter device and made holes quickly.  I drop the tomatoes into the holes, put them in as deep as I could and filled in the soil. I know they will grow faster in the ground as the soil was warm and moist while I was planting. They are small, I planted them too closely, and I was just glad to get them all in the ground.  Our season of lock down sort of messes with how I do things.  I went back to working with pavers after this job was done.  I will collect grass clippings and mulch it all later.

The iris is really just started blooming and I should have flowers blooming continually for a long time. I have a lot that I lost because of the voles. I am watching for the one lone liatrius that I moved to another part of the garden to see if it is there.  I haven't seen hollyhocks yet but I haven't looked specifically.

I am taking this day off as usual for Sunday but I do physically need to have a day of healing.  I work muscles that I don't normally use and they need time to heal.  I wish you all a good day and thanks for stopping by today.


Laurel Wood said...

Sorry to hear you have seen evidence of more voles. Your photos are all beautiful. I hope you have success with the tomato plants. Those pavers will really make your muscles sore. Glad you are resting today. We are due to have rain each day this week.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your Yellow Iris are lovely! Stay safe!

Rose said...

That last iris is just simply gorgeous..the white ones are pretty too. I need to find a pic of mine. I have white ones, too, but not sure they are the same as yours.

I hope you can get rid of the voles.