Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Saturday's a Satisfying Day..

The white flowers against the green leaves has a really sparkle to it as making the leaves look brighter.

There is now a problem.  I may have to shorten the white spout and let it drain into the rock bed. I guess I   could dig it out and move some of it over to the right.  It really is a good problem as I can separate out some of the hosta and move to another location.

I am going to have ten blooms this year with the fern leafed peony. I though the snow and ice had damaged most of this but it did come out of it.  I think that it is established now and I can be assured I have a successful move from one place to another.

Home made brackets from recycled wood.

These posts are under the new deck area above. All of the posts on the whole project were all square with the world, but these two had twists in them.  He must have used his warped one for this area.

I now need to extend my patio over to go under this. I can do three more rows of five and it will hit right to the front of the posts. I think I will get some lattice for the open window at the top. I don't know when I will ever get out of here.  I built this with all recycled wood from the old place. I also used some boards that I had bought for the trundle bed to help support the box spring that I still can't go buy.

It is a gray day today but it is warmer.  People are out working in the yards or playing with their kids or dogs. I heard one of my neighbors mowing a while ago. I don't think I will do that until Monday.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Your potting bench looks great! I cannot see that the post has a are a good carpenter! :)

Rose said...

That is a terrific potting bench. I meant to comment on it in the post above.