Thursday, May 14, 2020

Trudging Through.......

Chives do bloom at this time of the yea. They have pretty flowers.  We have baked potatoes often so I go down and trim off from the different plantings.

The blue spruce is putting out its new growth buds. The grow so subtly and yet it just keep growing bigger.

I mowed the entire yard yesterday so I am dragging around the house today. I have never had a good looking yard so I am pretty happy with the lawn service.  I had a real mess underneath the two front trees. My one neighbor made fun of the grass condition.  I am thinkig he thought I should cut down the trees.  No, the lawn service has fixe that problem and the grass under the trees is great now.

We took our friend to the hospital for a test today.  She really had problems with the test and they had to stop it. She was very unhappy with the people and we were sad that things were not better for her. I am not sure if there is an a different kind of test available.

We are having a few rain storms today. Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Your lawn looks great. I have not mowed yet...soon if we get rain. So sorry to hear your friend had problems...they can give you an script for an anti anxiety medication if it is for the test in the clanging tube:(

Laurel Wood said...

Sad that your friend had problems. Bless you both for assisting her. Your lawn is looking great and I'm glad you can keep those trees!