Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Tuesday's Things....

This is one of my more exciting host plants. I have it planted in two different locations. I moved it down to the newer house.

The locust tree is slow to leaf out but when it does it is very striking in looks. The leaf patterns are more like fern leaf shapesd

It is lightly raining and seems to be doing so for most of the day. The deck is wet and t makes it shine out with the water on it.

I was out looking at the garden and our soil is really dry. I was trying to use a hoe in a flower garden area and it was hard to break up.

The allium looks more pink here but will be more purple as it opens up more. I planted a couple of stray bulb out in the front raised bed and it looks good against the bluebells.

I know better than plant tulips one at a time in a straight row but it must have been cold outside and I was in a hurry. They definitely did get planted in a straight row.

I planted vole pellets yesterday in my one corner garden.  During the fall and winter they invaded the area and they have destroyed the Imost of the garden corner.  The liatrias in that corner appear to have been all eaten up by the vole. They burrow under plants and eat the tubers and roots of everything around. The neighbor captured two of them in the early spring as the snow was melting away but I am betting that there were more of them. The pellets that I bought look like livestock feed.  I think they have something in it to repel them and make them sick to their stomachs. I will work on that all spring. I am discouraged as it was a good planting of flowers.  I think I lost some of the bulb plants like tiger lily.  I was grumbling that I might just put it back into grass or maybe plastic with rocks, no plants.

The flowering trees don't stay around for very long. The leaves fill in quickly and the flowers are subordinate to everything.  Thanks for stopping by today.  It is good to get rain so I don't have to finish mowing my yard.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

That is a pretty Hosta. Voles are awful hope your stuff gets rid of them :)

Rose said...

Do you ever have moles? They started early here, but I have not noticed them lately. some years they are terrible. The pest control told me what to get to poison them, but encouraged me to use the trap you set. But I just would not be good at that. Bubbie digs for them, but seldom catches one.