Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Middle of the week, late afternoon........

Soft clouds moving around and they are not going to rain on us. The temperatures are cold for normal spring weather.

I did get  my back yard mowed this morning but needed to wear a coat. The grass was too long but it never stopped raining for a long time.

I did sneak out to see if it was too cloudy and it was to take a photo.  An yet there was a opening at just the right time in the clouds so I could catch this photo.
Another flower that is now in season is this glove allium.  They are not so robust this year as the ice storm and frost really did do some damage.  The leaves are not looking good so the glower just stands up out on its own.

I talked to one of my neighbors this morning as he was stepping outside to shake dust off his cloth.  I haven't seen him, or talked to him for a month. He and his wife were doing fine but are getting tired of restrictions.We do see them at a distance as they go out into the back yard with their dog regularly.

I am blogging late today because google was holding my new photos hostage.  I could see them downloaded but they wouldn't show up when I went through the blogger program.

This is the area of my garden in which the voles devoured all plant life. They lived under a dome of dirt all winter with snow covering them. The neighbor took out two adult voles about a month ago..  After the snow melted the soil did cave back down and I really don't see any of the plants that had been there. The neighbors garden is covered with the plastic and heavy rocks. I may have to match that and just walk away from the area.  I have pellets that are called VoleX. I will wait and watch to see what happens with that treatment.  My new peonies don't have any damage to them and I am going to see some blooms on them.

Started blogging late so I will just cut this short.  Thanks for checking in today.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Nice moon shot, Larry, something I have never done well. The weather here in Nashua, NH, is not much warmer than your location. We haven't any rain recently, just lots of windy days except for temps near mid 60s last Saturday, the best day in a long time. Voles can be quite destructive critters and hope that VoleX product works.

The Furry Gnome said...

What blue skies! Our Aliums are just starting.