Saturday, May 30, 2020


It was slow to bloom but then now they areall open.  It is an old fashion peony that I brought from the old place. It has the history of being on an a property that was first developed in 1904.  When they planted the peony I would not know, but plants like this were shared from property to property.  This now grows on a property that was established in 2003 of which it was a corn field.

We had peonies down on the farm in southern Iowa.  They were always used for decorating graves on Memorial Day.  Everything has bloomed late this year as this peony missed it by a week. I have a red peony planted on my parents grave so they would just now start to bloom.  I forgot southern is early that where I live so they are probably already in bloom and probably almost gone.
I have two planting spots of this cemetery iris I had forgotten and was glad to see one of the buds unravel and bloom. I had pulled the grass out from around it recently so it is looking good.  I have no more different kinds of iris to bloom this year.   I have two iris that have to be moved as they were planted too close to redtwig dogwoods bushes.  When I planted them the shrubs had been trimmed back and were not to close at the time.  Now the two iris just didn't bloom.

This is either sage or salvia. It is a good color but really isn't in full bloom yet. I see others are planted all around our community.

 The knock out roses are full of buds this spring. It looks really great once they all get in bloom.

I worked hard mowing the old place yesterday so I am having a day off. I could mow today but I am just not going to do it yet. The neighbor north has mowed.  I will watch to see what the other guy is  doing. I survived  shopping for food yesterday. I was surprised that it wasn't so busy. Our meat really is becoming scarce or should I say minimal. We had one plant that withheld its numbers of virus carriers. When we heard 556 out of 2000 or more  workers  it was sad.  That is the last of our meat packing places to get reported. I guess that means we will just keep staying home.
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Laurel Wood said...

All of your plants are so pretty. I enjoy each and every picture and the history behind them. I just returned from the grocery store. Still wearing my mask/gloves but hardly anyone else is. We have been fortunate here with meat. Chicken, hamburger, pork have been available. (in limited quantities) Rest up from your mowing yesterday and you two have a pleasant evening. It is 90 here this aft.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your plants are so pretty. We still have meat at the butcher shop:)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Sorry to read about the meat shortages and the cirus hitting bad at the plants in your area, Larry. THings seem to have stabilized a bit here, but other states are still hard pressed for some reopening. The purple blooms were lovely to see.