Thursday, May 7, 2020

Thursday, Thursday......

It seems to have been a long day. Went for groceries this morning and trimmed grass around the property this afternoon. I bought a new gas powered weed eater. I am really trying to like it but I don't. I spend more time messing with the string and figuring out how to get the strings to lenghten.  I don't like the balance of the machine and I really don't like how the head of it works.  Unless I am being completely confused I cant get the trimmer wire to really work.  It is too busy at Ace to go back and get some instruction from someone.  At this point I would never recommend the product.

Our one packing plant finally released the numbers of those infected with the virus a couple of days ago. Only 830 people were infected by the disease. I am being sarcastic as it amazes me that they didn't want to tell the numbers and withheld the info for a very long time.  Half of the worker force have it, had it, or are carriers. The packing plant is eight miles from our older home that we still own.  The nursing homes in the area are also in trouble.

Thanks for stopping by today. 


A Brit in Tennessee said...

What a gorgeous tulip Larry, and your garden always has an abundance of blooms.
So very worrying all those Covid 19 cases, I was following it on the news today.
Life is so surreal right now.
Thank you for sharing your beauty.

Far Side of Fifty said...

We have a battery powered trimmer and I can do it so I think that is a good deal! Stay safe down there, I wish people were more transparent about where the new cases are:(

Rose said...

That tulip is like a breath of fresh air...makes me think of peppermint, too.

I hate that about the weedeater...I hope someone can help you and it be something you are overlooking. I hate spending money on something and then hating it.