Friday, May 8, 2020

Friday's Fun........

The last surviving flowers of a bouqut of the past. They mums seem to hold on longer that all the others that come in the bouquet.  I need to get a bud vase for this stem and throw everything else away.

This variety is larger than ever before.  If my lawn treatment guy splashes fertilizer on it I am glad. It has always reminded me of "sum and substance' but never grew that large for me.

I just found this photo showing that a year ago we were having this addition built. We have sure enjoyed it the full four seasons even though winter is harder to stay warm.  It is nice though to go out and enjoy seeing a snow storm through the glass room.

The deck is smaller but we sure like it.  We can go outside to look around and see the things in the sky. We don't sit out there yet as we don't have a chair yet.  The grill gets all the joy of being there. This picture shows the deck before the railing was installed.

Thirteen steps helps with the exercise plan. Our carpenter smiled when saying it was a lot of steps tp carry things up and down.

This is last years shot of the redbud tree. Unfortunately the frost and ice shut the blooms down on the tree this year. It came right when it was covered with blooms and only about a  dozen buds then did bloom.

It is another cold day and I really can't plant anything. The frost warning tonight says we need to cover loat of things if we have new young plants round.  I see now on the tv that they are calling it a freeze warning.

It is Friday.  We are staying safe and warm now.. I have about three places I need to go but I won't be  going anywhere.  Thanks for checking in today.

I do have birthday photos from two different grandchildren but they just haven't been downloaded and edited. Later.........


Far Side of Fifty said...

Your sunroom was a wonderful addition to your home! Too bad about the redbud it has been freezing ever night this week and maybe snow tonight we need moisture in any form:)

The Furry Gnome said...

That's a wonderful looking sunroom!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

That year has really gone by quickly, Larry, as I can remember when you were posting about the planning and constructing of that sun room. And you are right that you get a lot of exercise climbing those steps, hopefully not too often.

Laurel Wood said...

I really love your addition and am so happy you both enjoy it. We purchased a small red bud tree a few weeks ago.