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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Middle of the Week Report....

I don't know the name of the maple tree but I do really like it.  It has one problem as it looks like the top of it had broken off at one time so there are two main branches at the top. I like the tree as it gives us and the neighbors behind us more privacy.  It covers us when we are on our deck and it shields them from our view when they are out on their patio which is below us.  I do like to see their little boy running around in the yard and we can see him once in a while. I think he is a couple of years plus old. He has a new born sibling that was born very early spring.  It is nice for it to be leafed from now to late fall.

Our neighbor to the north has a new lawn decoration.  It is a tall corn sculpture. They started to put out a goose decoy as I have my two geese out all the time.

I shared this photo on my photo a  day blog recently. The white iris is the one that blooms first for me.

I have lost track of how many are now blooming. There is a double bloom at the bottom so this is a photo of four.. Last year at this time the guy building the fence asked me if they were orchids. I guess he doesn't know much about plants.

As I sit at the dinning room table eating whatever meal, I see things moving out the window.  It is actually the flowers dropping their petals as the bouquet fades away. I kind of like the look of fallen leaves on the table.

We are off for another doctor''s appointment today.  That will be the last one until next Wednesday. It is rainy again today and I would like to take more flower pictures. I am thinking I need to get some tomatoes put into the ground.  We do have warmer weather coming next week. My neighbors have lettuce growing and if I could get that planted I would have some too.

I just learned today from a garden magazine that we moved from one cooler growing season to a warmer growing season. I sort of though we were blooming and growing faster at the new place and I now know why. It is a long narrow zone that we are in and us living on the top of a hill with the down side protected from weather does make us have better growing conditions.

The indoor oxalis plants are doing well.  Both kinds are abundantly blooming. The pink flowers belong to the green plant.

Lots to do and so little time to do it.  I wish everyone well.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Laurel Wood said...

Your oxalis plants are lovely. I love the way the tree gives you privacy. We have a suspicion that our one neighbor is preparing her home to put on the market. Of course, we would worry about a potential new neighbor! Your white iris are so striking. I hope you'll enjoy planting some lettuce and tomatoes soon.

Rose said...

I think the maple might be a Crimson King Maple...I think I have the same white iris...year before last they had a gazillion blooms. then last year none.

Far Side of Fifty said...

It might be a Norway Maple there are many different varieties:) Stay safe!