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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

MIddle of the Week.......

An abstract arrangement of tulips from the old place's gardens. I had not been there eleven days and the rest of the tulips were now in bloom.

There was a story out among the blogging cousins that my grandmother Burgus always had something stuck in water trying to start new plants.  I knew her in her older years and she was mentally less organized to be braking off parts of plants and trying to root them.  My begonias are doing well with lots of roots.  I have some pussy willow branches that I brought in to get them to bloom quicker.  The problem is that I don't really want to plant anymore on my   property.  I will probably have to toss them.  I don't think starting plants is hereditary but I just like to start new ones, like my now larger jade plant.

I did remember that I transplanted this to the back yard from the front. I then actually remembered that it is buttercups  It is the first time that it has been back there but it did take off once planted. It was a flower on the property but I had to learn what it was.
Lots of things were in bloom at the old place yesterday. The honeysuckle was looking outstanding.  The weather must have been perfect for it.  I remember when I planted those in a row that the neighbor lady across the street questioned my wisdom.  I wanted privacy in the backyard. I have never regretted planting those twelve inch sprigs of honeysuckle about five feet apart.  That had to be in the early 1980s.  That couple are both long gone and I bet five os six different sets of people lived there since

We seem to be well and good.  I mowed the home yard today so I have done enough moving for a week.  Thanks for stopping in today.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

I know you must be glad to have the home mowing done for another week at least, Larry. When we were homeowners, it was always a great feeling to have the job done, but then it had to be redone the next week, sort of like doing laundry­čśčThe tulips are very nice colors and too bad they are such short-lived when put in a vase. Honeysuckle did make a nice barrier.

Rose said...

The tulips are beautiful.

My mom and her friend were continually starting something by sticking it in water. I never see or hear of that being done without thinking of them.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I think that foliage looks like Evening Primrose...yellow...but who knows...I used to have some and then it winterkilled:( I love makes a great hedge! :)

Laurel Wood said...

The tulips are beautiful. I love the hedge of honeysuckle. Glad you both are well. We both are in need of haircuts but will probably hold off for a little longer. Mildred