Friday, September 24, 2021

Friday's Final Things......

 Early morning views were not so dramatic but there was some good color in it. We didn't get so cold last night.





I have lots of quilts that I inherited from my mom.  I can identify most of the makers of the quilts except a couple that were given to my mom by friends.  The clues that tell me that my grandmother Brooks created are two major things.  She always used flannel for the backing of her quilts and she tied them with embroidery thread or a heavier thread instead of quilting them.  I guess the photo isn't totally in focus but on the left side of the picture you can see the strings tied with knots and left with a couple of loose ends and that is what tied quilts looks like.  The ties are spaced evenly at certain corners of the square design.  I have seen baby quilts tied with yarn. 

Friday is here and we are staying home all day today.  I watched my yard being mowed yesterday.  It was long overdue and he actually mowed it shorter this time.  His machine matts down everything but within an hour the grass does raised back up and it does look more even.  

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