Saturday, September 25, 2021

Saturday Stuff......

 Looking down from the deck I can see everything is just plain fading as fall weather sets in now.  The posts are there for a gate made by a previous owner.  He had it all fenced in and then used the gat to get into the area for weeding and havesting. 


The mums were trimmed back in July but they don't look much fuller than before. The color is nice to see. 

The knock out rose is putting out one last batch of blooms.  On Thursday we have workmen here to replace our shingles.  I am sure that they will be covered with blankets to protect them and probably smash them down. 

One other shot from up above is this one of the tomato and dahlia garden. We are still getting some tomatoes but they are small of course at this time of the year. The rains have helped to green up the yard greener. I have had some problems with my one leg caused by garden work injudy a few weeks ago. I could quit taking deck shots but that would mean I would have to walk down the stairs. I am better but am still guarded with what I do.

Thank you for stopping by today.

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