Thursday, July 5, 2018

Grandsons are Great........

Company can come in many sizes.  These guys are Nike slip-ons for a two year old. It is so fun to get up in the morning and see these in our house.  These are Teddy’s shoes.

This grandson stretches out on half of the couch.  He is going to be a tall guy when he starts kindergarten. They do grow up so quickly.

Watching a cartoon movie keeps their attention for a while. Teddy is two years plus old and he is just learning new things everyday.

Somebody really likes his big brother. They do like to rough house a little and sometimes there needs to be a referee.

They leave on Tuesday and we will miss the guys on the couch and small shoes here and there on the floor. Some serious toy playing has been going on downstairs and Grandpa even built a modern build with legos.

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Anonymous said...

I know you treasure the time spent with these two boys. Thanks for sharing the photos.