Thursday, July 26, 2018

Things for the Day....

The red coneflowers are borderline of being the darker version of the coneflowers in the foreground. You can see the row of houses in my back yard.

The pinks struggle in the hot weather.  I am glad they are still alive and maybe they will look better in the fall.

I just keep shooting photos of these blooms because they are there. I seem to have brought three of these at the new place.  I had planted it at a couple of places at the old house. I dug it twice and then spread one digging into to pieces.

Always on duty, the angel from our old back patio looks good in this corner.  I still want to find a glass glob for the pedestal.

I have a darker version of this daylily and I didn’t get it moved to the new place.  I may have to randomly dig to hopefully correct the error. I do know where it was growing but was surprised to see I had not brought it.

The zinnias are doing well.  I am puzzled as to why there are not so many large blooms and mostly are the smaller ones. I now need to attack the Japanese beetles again this summer.  I bought the material to spray on them.  They are destroyed by the spray when it hits them but I have to treat them every single day. It is good there is no residue for the earth but then the glorified water and mild chemical has to be continually sprayed.

Various tasks I must do today.  It is cool today and rain may come on Saturday.  I am still watering everything. Thanks for stopping by today.

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Great photos of lovely blooms.

Have a great day and weekend ~ FlowerLady