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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The 4th......

Independence Day

We have company coming for a couple of days and it never fails, the water heater went bad.  It started to leak out as if we had flood problems.  The timing was coincidental to the whole town being flooded.  Home Depot did what they said they would do. The day after I talked to the store, a nice guy showed up and changed it all out for new. That was on Tuesday.  The repairmen ended up being a stepson of one of my former art students. I was told that I got the very last water heater in the store at Ankeny. They would have had to drive to another home depot in a neighboring area.  The floods took out hundreds of all equipment that was in the basement. We could see washers and dryers along the curbs up the street and I assume some furnaces will have to be replaced too.

The flowers are perking up now from our storms. The heat has returned today with buckets of humidity. I wish everyone to have a great day.


Red said...

Water heaters leaking( and they usually surprise you) are a big nuisance.

Far Side of Fifty said...

We have had the same hot water heater for 19 years knock on wood...I suppose one of these days when I have company coming it will go out. Hope you are staying cool:)

Anonymous said...

Thankful that you were fortunate with the replacement water heater. These flowers are so pretty.