Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tuesday’s Things....

A new feeder has been purchased as the finches and house finches have worn out the three socks that I had. The are finishing off the last of this sock and then it is going to the dump.

The adult looks down on the newly hatched bird and really wants to take its place on the feeder. It has been fun to see the new birds.  The finches are so small compared to the house finchs when they are young.
The zinnia patch is coming along nicely.  I will water them this morning even though it is starting to heat up out there. The row of sunflowers are also coming up from seed and they will overshadow the zinnias. I had a little bunny out there last evening really wishing he could get into this patch.

The gardens of ours and the neighbors is shown here. I won’t mention the fence thing which both husband and wife are against having.  Their garden in the corner of their property is the day lilies and the knock out roses.  The line is on the gravel covered area agains my grass. I have peonies planted in front of the laitris which may be a problem in the next season.  I guess I will wait to see how it all looks.  I could cut the peonies down half way after they bloom. I have Asiatic lilies planted in the back randomly as there is no plan.  I have an iris back in the corner that is healthy but did not bloom this season.  It is large now so it will bloom next year. The ladder and the sawhorses seem to be permanently planted there as the young man is on his third season getting the children play house finish.  I thought they had two girls but I did notice over the weekend that the smaller child is a boy. The man building the house is a hard worker but he just doesn’t put anything away.  When he is done I will be interested to see if the tools are going to vanish.

My oldest grandson wanted my company in the workroom downstairs.   I went down and he created a Star Wars airbase.  I created the modern art house made from legos.  They are really fun to work with.

The hosta blooms on this one plant are different than all the others.  I am growing an appreciation for the blooms as I didn’t usually take notice back when I was working full time. This hosta is crowded a little with a volunteer tomato plant growing nearby.

I am staying close to home today and will do some different things in the yard.  I will work until I get too hot.  It is July and it isn’t unusual to have hot weather.  It will slow the grass down.  When I was in high school I had to make hay durning summer It was on the hottest days of July as the hay had to be really dried out before it was to be bailed.  Small square bales were the going thing back then in the 60s.  I had one neighbor that had round bails and I did have to get use to that as I was the only boy free to work in the neighbor hood.  I worked for three different frames plus my dad.  I didn’t have to buy weights to lift as I lifted bails every summer.

Everyone take care today and stay out of the heat. Thanks for stopping by today on the 10th of July, 2018.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Stay cool! Making hay was no fun, it was hard work. Those bales were heavy and hard on the hands and legs...seemed like what ever I wore I got poked with hay. Those farmers with the big bales now a days have the right idea:)