Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sunday Morning....

A different kind of tiger lily that puts out a large spot of color in the flower garden. It is doing well with the hot sun and some extra watering.  The orange color in the cottage garden is great.

The zinnia patch is full of various plants at different heights. In a couple of weeks they will even out and look like three rows of plants. These two colors of flowers were on the same stem.

Another day lily that has successfully been moved to the new flower bed. A better photo will show the flower with a reddish center.  I believe I saw on the net that it was called target.

The first harvest of tomatoes from the garden.  They are the larger cherry variety. I was out watering the plants the past evening and noticed it was time to get this batch picked. I did find a larger sized tomato that had rotted already before it could ripen.

We had such a great visit with boys and parents. We worked really hard to be sure all four of them had a good time. The boys have really grown up. The youngest isn’t quite talking in sentences but he does communicate pretty well.  I bet in November when we see them again he will be talking a lot more. The older one goes to Kindergarten this fall. I have a lot of photos of these guys individually that are in a series. I will share them in the future and try not to overload my blog.

Thank you for stopping by today at my post.  I wish you all to have a great day. 


Dolly said...

Those are some interesting Tiger Lilies ..... they appear to be a 'doubles' variety. I'm glad you are finally happy with them now that they have fully opened.

My granddaughter wants some at her new home , but mine weren't successful when I transplanted one, and they take YEARS from seed. They are very beautiful and exotic, though.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Leggos are great, a great activity for boys. Knex are a great activity also but the parts are smaller so in a few years that will be a great toy for them both:)