Sunday, July 15, 2018

It is Summer.....

The state bird of Iowa is the goldfinch.  They are like a super streak as they fly through the air.  They have a smooth flight that is more like a soar, I think it is  like a sleek space ship. You really don’t see the wings moving once they are in flight.

The cow bird does keep coming to the feeder.  It can barely hang on to the feeder ledge but it does. It seems to be a bird that lives in a meadow but it does come in for free seed.

One of these robins left the nest this morning.  The last one is just sitting there now as if he is waiting for his growth to get to be at the just right point. I really don’t know where they go but I do think I heard one in the tree yesterday, chirping, having the hope that a parent will show up with a worm or bug.

This is another photo of this large day lily. I wanted to show the comparison between the average size of flowers to this one.

This is a striking flower also but it is just a different variety.  It is smaller as you can see it takes two blooms to be equal to the one big bloom.

Heat, humidity with clouds  billowing in the sky on Saturday. The 103 degree F. heat index continues to dry out our yards.

I didn’t water things yesterday as we were forecasting rain on the news channel.  That didn’t happen.  Sunday, today, was suppose to be stormy but that is not happening.   I will water things this evening.

I hope to keep these coming as we are in the middle of July. I found two of the roma tomatoes being eaten by ants.  I guess I will start picking them green so the ants don’t take them first.

The day is humid and water is built up on the windows.  It will dry off from the windows but it will go into the air.  I thank you for stopping by today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

I like seeing the Goldfinches, they are so pretty! We had a baby cow bird that was apparently out of the nest too soon, who knows why. He hopped around the yard for three days eating ants and then finally was gone, he could fly a little but not much. Stay cool:)