Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Second Day of the Week.......

In the afternoon we had large clouds like this hanging around in the west. I had to work hard to get a photo of them in the clear.

They reminded me of hot air balloons as the moved slowly across the sky. The southern part of Iowa was getting spotty showers but we had only one two minute shower.

Normally begonias are sold in six inch pots and you plant them in the pot or ground and watch them grow. This sale item was must buy item for me ask it was so big.  Many plants crowded into this square pot.  It gets light sun in the afternoon but for most of the day is sits in the shade at the front door.

The shiny leaves make it look like a tropical plant with clusters of flowers. I am hoping that I can winter over the whole thing in the basement window.  I had begonias in my youth and kept them alive year round in the house.

The staircase from the above deck really is a perfect place to set up a flower garden.  The invasive vine will have to be cut back in the fall.  Maybe sooner it will have to be trimmed if it starts to crowd out the coneflowers. The spigot and water hose is close so they do get a good watering each day.  The whole area gets a little less sun as the deck shades the spot.
The camera captures the bright red ones but the yellow one seems to be not in focus.  The colors of these flowers are bright while others are pastel.
I am resting today from the job of taking out a dysfunctional dishwasher at the old house.  I had to use different muscles for that so I will have low keyed work today at home.  I still don’t have to mow any yard with the dry spell but I could pick off a few stray weeds. Temperatures are good for a couple of more days and then the heat returns.

Thanks for stopping in at my post today.

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