Thursday, July 19, 2018

Truck Magnet.....

The oldest grandson announced that he wanted to ride in my truck.  He got to take a ride before they left. He went with me all by himself and had to sit on a pillow to see out the front window.  As in the top photo, the younger grandson really wasn’t too impressed with the truck.

The milk can was temporarily place and I like it there for now I sat a potted red hardy geranium plant behind it so it is a balanced display.  I don’t even want to revisit the milk can story with you involving my BIL At the present time I have four or five of them on the property.  I did exchange this one can with a smaller one so things blend in better.

The evening sky looks like this late in the day.  The days are shortening and yet our days are still long.

When the shutter stays open, I move a little sideways making the moon fatter than it really is. It is a fine sliver of a moon but I just couldn’t do it last night.

I grow zinnias for number of reasons but the butterfly draw would be one of the major ones.  I do like all the different kinds of flowers of a zinnia that you get when you plant a mixed set of seeds.  They are a tough plant that grow quickly and are as tough as my sunflowers. When they are that easy to grow it just must be done.  They really are more exciting than a couple of rows of peas and beans.

Cooler weather today with a breeze. We had the threat of rain early morning but it was too far north of us. I will make a trip to the farm today with some goals in mind.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Boys like all trucks! Stay cool, we have cooled off so I hope you have too:)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

In time, your younger grandson Teddy will be a truck fan as well.Zinnias re a good butterfly draw.