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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


The heat is on and the watering of the flowers is a necessity.  I can see my yard starting to take a hit from all the hot sun.  I don’t like to think about how brown the yards look as the summer continues.

I learned recently that this old fashion hydrangea is called limelight.  I can see now how it gets the name as the white blooms change to this green. The plant successfully grows where I planted and looks strong.  I need to work on its shape with the clippers but I do think it will even out on his own.

It is time to move the chimes. I keep working in the area of the backyard garden of coneflowers and the chimes sound off as I hit my head on them.  It is a good sound but my head doesn’t feel so great when I hit it. These are the chimes that I moved to the new place as pieces of pipes only.  I reassembled it using a small clay pottery pot as the center sound maker.

My choices were limited at the Ace Hardware. The one that looked to work best was this feeder.  It is a product invented or sponsored by a husband and wife team. The Stokes use to have birdwatching shows on PBS and I believed they do have a winner here as a seed feeder.  Some of the plastic feeders were so badly designed and had maybe ten holes on the side with flimsy plastic flowers or leaves for the bird to perch on while feeding.

The tray on the bottom catches the loose seed and the bird can perch on it if they are brave.  The web of wire does seem to work great to hold the seed in and yet allows a bird to pull the seed through.

The new feeder doesn’t accommodate five birds at a time but it seems to be a good design.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Nice new feeder! It should work well! Hot here...stay cool:)