Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Things of Tuesday.......

This is the reason that I plant zinnias.  You can’t beat the colors that the flower puts out. I saw larger sizes of these at a plant nursery yesterday but never knew they were available.

The plants are dropping in prices and I could not keep from putting this in the back of my truck. I haven’t decided to put it in a pot or in the ground. If I go ahead and put it in a pot then I can bring it in this fall. For now it stays in the shade of my deck until I decide.

Two young goldfinch are enjoying the new feeder. The male has a nice light pattern on it from the feeder. The female has her real pattern off browns and whites on her chest.

Most all of the new birds hatched this spring are all grown up.  Especially the house finches are full grown.  I am going to stop feeding them for now as they need to move on to new territories and not come in flocks to my deck. I am sure in the real world out there that there is plenty of seed for them to eat.

My tiger lily put out two stems this spring and there are multiple buds ready to bloom. It grows among the asparagus fronds. I keep thinning out the asparagus foliage as I want to see the flowers.

We have sort of moved into a drought now that we had the 10 inch rain a couple of weeks ago. I am not set up to water my front yard but my neighbors seem to be doing it while I am not watching. My yard has a lot of clay and gravel below the surface of it. The contractors drove off with the black dirt and spread the good Iowa clay on it. While planting some more hardy geraniums in my row yesterday I could hardly get a spade down. I got into sand, clay and little rocks all along the sidewalk. When it gets hot the grass doesn’t grow well in that kind of combination.

I am off to the old place today to load up twigs and branches from invading mulberry trees.  I am not going to have such hot weather  in the morning so I will get that done early.  Middle 80s still is hot when you are out in the sun.

It is Tuesday and I hope you have a great day.

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