Saturday, May 23, 2020

Saturday's Stuff. .....

I am looking forward to see the flag iris to be in bloom.  I have two lared ones of these and somewhere I had a pastel blue one.  I don't think it is around any more. I do know that I moved it down here.

I was glad to see one more jack in the pulpit popping through a cople of days ago. All three seem to be real healthy and don't seem to mind the lily of the valley plants that are all around them.

I didn't plant this area but it seems to be doing good on its own.  I did add some rescued iris plants near this to get them started before I move them into a planned new location. I would grab rhizomes while at the old place to plant at the new place just to see if I had moved it already.

My yellow cemetery iris did travel down to the new place and really has done well. I like how it grew and became well established in just a couple of years.

The falls of this iris are whiter and more transparent that the uprights of the flower. I have two new iris in bloom now but they need to be photographed for another day. It is sprinkling right now so I am inside for awhile.

I got the truck unloaded yesterday and placed down five by the end of the day.  This is the row of pavers where I placed them while I put them in place one at a time.

 I am sure some of my blogger people think I am doing this job in a strange way. The normal way to put down pavers is to have the entire place level and prepared for laying the brick all at one time.  But for me, the design I chose to put down was to use two different colors of paver and they are different thicknesses. The red ones are thinner so the tan one sticks way up in the air.

So I am having to do each square one at a time preparing soil height for kind of paver and put limestone findings to level it for placing down the piece. One at a time is crazy and the checkerboard desing is the bad idea. . You can see in this photo where I have placed three new pavers to extend the patio.

This next photo shows where I have installed five tiles.  This morning I put five more in to complete the double row of five.  It is good to get that done.

In this photo it shows I have to work out a design to place pavers around the posts of the deck.  They were the posts that I used to make the potting bench.  All in all I got a lot of work done today but I still need to place eight more squares around the back side of this area. I am going to take some time to decide the final design but I can do it.

The work area looks rough but every time I p ut down another paver is looks better and better.

The sun is shining right now but we have thunder storm warning coming our way.  If I can I think I will sneak in a few tomato plants after I rest.  It should have done a week ago but they always catch up with heat and humidity working on them once they are planted. Thanks for stopping by today.


Laurel Wood said...

Your flower beds are looking so nice. Love the yellow iris. That's a lot of hard work with the pavers but you are doing a good job. We are having rain off and on this holiday weekend, also. Best wishes with the tomato plants.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You are making progress with the pavers, it is hard work :)

Rose said...

Jack-in-the pulpit, and Lily of the Valley grow well together. As will trillium and mayapples and ginseng....