Thursday, March 25, 2021

Thursday's Things.....

 They don't bloom outside in Iowa weather very well but it is great color. I am sure if they were grown in a greenhouse that there would be more stem and more blooms

I went out to mail a letter and noticed that my neighbors all had their recycle bins at the curb. I went back into the house and opened the garage door to take out my bin also. I even found an empty box to collapse and took it out too. When I returned I looked down at all the dead mums from last season.  I looked in the truck and found my hedge clippers.   I made fast work of getting them all cut off and bagged. It is raining of course lightly while I did the work.  While I was at it I used the hedge clippers to give my roses a grass quality haircut.  That kind of rose grows back no matter how one treats it.  It is nice to get it all done.

The miniature daffodils are liking the cold, wet weather. I think they are all in full bloom now. You can see I have some white crocus coming up among them. It was nice to get all the dead stuff out and away from the flowers so they can be more presentable. 

We are getting so much more air traffic overhead right now. While I blog the military helicopters are going back and forth.  The are coming from a base in the neighboring city, Johnston. I spent the morning on the phone canceling our furnace service and yard treatment service. The furnace people tried to tell me my warranty would not be good on my furnace anymore but they were mistaken that I had not purchased it from them.  It came the house.  I am going to hire people to mow my yard this one  year so I thought I didn't need to also pay for lawn chemicals for one year.

We are home again today and staying inside.  I think we are good for groceries for quite a while and it is too wet to go anywhere.  Thanks or stopping in today.


Laurel Wood said...

Glad you had a chance to do a little trimming. I love your early blooming bulbs, especially the mini daffodils. I hope to find someone to cut my lawn too. Thankfully the new lawn is flat! It is raining here today, too. Hoping for dry weather for Monday.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Such pretty blooms! No blooms here yet. Good thing you are getting help with the lawn work! :)