Monday, March 1, 2021

Monday's Here......


Strong shadows are cast today as the sun shines brightly. My raised bed is still covered with snow and I don't plan on planting tomatoes anytime soon. 

I am curious as to see what will come up in this garden area. I was forced to move a fernleaf peony into this area. I hope it didn't set it back too much. I moved some iris into this area also to get them out of the shade and into mre sunlight. I am getting anxious for spring but I know it is a ways away from now. 

The circl of grass gets to be larger each day. The front yard of my place has lost most of its snow but the backyards don't get the sunlight. I did see the rabbit running across the yard a few days ago so it is surving under the tree and elsewhere. 

It was nap time for the mourning dove yesterday.  It wasn't interested in eating but just sat three.  I wonder where its partner is and if it will have to find a new partner. I broke down and put a little bit of new seed out even though they haven't cleared all of the scrap seed. I just did handfulls which will last for only a day. 

It was a frosty morning today so everything sparkled. We are going to warm up tomorrow and it will be welcomed.  We will have a high today of mid 30s. Thanks for stopping by today.


The Furry Gnome said...

Great shadows in your backyard!

Rose said...

Our snow is gone and I hope we are done with it for the year. The dove looks cold..