Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, May 17, 2021


  A new or different flower that I can start sharing. The hardy geraniums like this wet weather and really were in good bloom before I bought them. 

We have them in our memorial garden and also in this raised half circle garden in the front yard. I am thinking that the black eyed Susans have not returned this year in this area.  I thought they were pretty hardy. 

I bought a canna for the front raised bed also. I am hoping that it will grow tall this year.  I will try to keep it watered and baby it along as much as I can. 

This white iris is one of the first to bloom and it looks like it has a lot more buds yet to open. I go this from a neighbor lady, who is now gone, when I helped her thin and move around a lot of her iris. 

We had a dead rabbit in our yard next to the neighbor. It was actually on my neighbor's side. I was certain that it was this guy but it was not. I looked down Saturday morning and this friendly rabbit is still alive. The dead one had been partially eaten and apparently a fox brought it into the yard.  We have reports of foxes patrolling the development but I have never seen one. The neighbor's wife said that her husband has not been shooting them this spring so it had to be a predator that caught it.  I do have a small bunny in my back yard that is a new one for this season.

We are getting drizzle this morning.  We are really needing rain. I checked to see where our town gets it water and I was surprised that they buy it from the Des Moines Public Waterworks.  They are having a difficult time finding water as the Des Moines River is so low from the drought.  I thought our city had a water plant and they took water from the Saylorville Lake.  I was wrong. I now know why we use Brittas to filter our water for drinking as well as for coffee. 

I have done some chores this morning but it is too wet to work in the garden. I did walk it to see how things are doing.  Thank you for stopping by on this Monday.


Rose said...

My white irises are full of blooms now...I got mine from a neighbor, too.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Those White Iris are beautiful!