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Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Sunday's Things.....

 Morning sun with subtle clouds in the sky this morning. It will be another warm day today but the wind is not so harsh today.

I don't remember the name of t his plant but some of my bogger friends will tell me. I will try to remember it this year.

Even though we are in a drought it seems to like our weather.  It is growing in the shade which helps it. You can see the lily of the valley in the background.  My blogger friend knew what it was.  It is  lamium maculatum, a ground cover plant, planted by the former owner. Thanks to Mildred as she knew what it was.

My project for yesterday was to get this trellis trimmed to fit the space and to hang it. The trellis is from the old place and was made from recycled strips of oak. I was working at the school one summer and the strips of wood were removed and placed in the dump. The oak has weathered as I never painted it, but the weathered color looks good against the neighbor's old fence.  I found that it is a very wobbly fence and i hope and strong wind doesn't take it down. There is a clematis growing on the right side and I am going to plant another one on the opposite end.

The high winds and heat destroyed all of my tulips yesterday.  This photo was taken in the nick of time as today it is all crumpled and shriveled.  We are having a quiet Sunday with sunshine outside. I guess we do hear neighbor's mowing their lawns but that won't go on for forever.  Thanks for stopping in today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Nice trellis! You have a good spot!

Laurel Wood said...

My weather is cloudy with a chance of rain this week. The plant may be Lamium. I once had a yellow variety. I hope you both have a pleasant afternoon,

The Furry Gnome said...

We don't even have Tulips yet!