Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

First Iris Bloom......

 The first iris bloom is fully open today. It has more buds to fill in the place of this one. It is actually is not pin but my filters did really want to turn it into pink. Coral is closer to being the color. This is a rescued iris from the old place. 

I put down three more bags of mulch today. It will help with the grass and weeds. Everything is looking better here with the inch of rain that we received a few days ago. 

Last night sunset reminded me of a storm but it wasn't. We could us another rain. Maybe next Saturday they are forecasting.

I was out last evening o get this shot. It is a volunteer  flower that must been spread by the birds. The main plant is twenty feet away from here. 

While I was taking the last photo and my friendly rabbit was sitting in the tall grass. It is my friendly friend who has avoided the great hunter that lives next door. 

Bought some plants today and will be planting some of them tomorrow and the rest will have to wait for warmer weather.  I have two appointments to visit but I can get some things done in the morning.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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Laurel Wood said...

I love the iris and that is a terrific photo. I look forward to you sharing the new plants you purchased. Poor little bunny.....that neighbor better be careful with children living so close.