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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Random Things.....

 The crimson king maple has now leafed out and is looking good.  It is one of the later ones to show its leaves.

I had to dig to find the before picture of the tree. I remembered taking the shot but never ever shared it.  I appreciate the privacy that we get with the tree as the view is blocked by it of two sets of neighbors. 

I don't like to kill living plants o I moved some chive into the flower garden. It will bloom soon and it is a nice foliage plant. You can see iris in front of it and the Siberian iris to the right back of the  picture. I mentioned that I have less blooms on my fern leaf peony and you can see it hanging back there making a red spot.

I only have three blooms this year on two different plants. They are so few that I could name them but I won't.  The last years' plant had seven or eight blooms on it. Moving it just shook it up a bit.


It is a single petaled flower that is plain compared to the ruffled double blooms that do come on one other variety. I collected my plants from my mom's garden years ago in southern Iowa. She stole hers from the neighbors rental property which had a hundred year old house on it. My neighbor at the old place now has three of them in a row next to her driveway. I guess I do remember sending a set of tubers to a blog friend in Park Rapids, Minnesota area. I have shared it with one friend who lives in Granger, Iowa who shares its photo every year.

I mention this every year that this was a plant that was brought by wagon trains, which helped spread it across the United States.  I have seen them available in England. I assume the root-like tuber that the plant has was easy to wrap in cloth and stow in the wagons when they traveled west. 

The globemaster allium has a great color. They seem to be slow to be in full bloom. I think the cold weather and continual winds are slowing it down. We are having another cold day today. I wanted to plant glads and dahlias. If I can get my energy level built up and dress warmly, I may get it done. 

Thanks for stopping by today.


Laurel Wood said...

It is nice to see the before and after photo of the crimson king. It is nice to have the privacy during the warm months.
The peony is a real treasure and I am sure next year, you will have more blooms. I love all the variety of plants you share in your pictures. I hope you both have a good evening,

The Furry Gnome said...

Beautiful flowers!

Laurel Wood said...

P.s. I wanted to add that my new backyard is a blank canvas. No plants and no trees. Through the Arbor Day Foundation, I got about eight itty bitty trees, the size of a pencil, to plant. So far, two crepe myrtles and a red bud have new growth. ONE DAY, they will provide some privacy!