Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, May 10, 2021

Morning of Monday.....

 I looked stormy yesterday afternoon but it really wasn't. Lighting is always making things seem differently than it really is.

The day actually looked like this when you turned to the opposite direction. It was cold but the winds had died down some. I was on the deck grilling steak. 

One never quit knows what you are buying when you rapidly pick up flowers in the grocery store flower shop.  There were two different bunches of pink small roses.  The buds looked a little peaked.  I brought them home and immediately trimmed off the ends of the stems and put them in water. A few hours later they were opening and the next day they looked like this.  They were sold as six stems and multiple blooms per stem. 

My wife was pleased with them as pink is her favorite color even though red is her favorite color of rose.

I was out working at the southeast end of the house this morning trimming out unwanted volunteer shrub-like plants.  I don't know what they are but they seem to be trees spread by the birds.  I used the Swede saw and cut them off and applied weed killer onto the stumps.  The vine honeysuckle grows at that end of the house and I was surprised to see it in bloom. The rain of one inch may make it look a lot better. 

It seems to be a busy day.  I plan on planting glads today unless the computer tells me it is too early. I will wait for it to warm up more though as we are cold.   Thank you for checking in today.  


Laurel Wood said...

Steak on the grill sounds delicious. The flowers are just lovely.

Rose said...

Those roses are beautiful...steaks on the grill always sounds good. Or hamburgers. Just love both off the grill.