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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Week's Middle Day....

 Dramatic sunset but there was no rain involved. My sun sets all along the range of houses throughout the summer. The only time I do see it the best is when it is lined up with the street where there is a break in the houses. 

It was time to incorporate my old milk can with my landscape. The can came from Coin, Iowa,  given to me by a teach friend back in 1975. It has Robert's Dairy marked on the can.  I think I had the can around for years until I finally opened a few years ago and it had pine cones inside. 

I looked it up and it is called globemaster allium. It is a good spot of color to last for awhile until the day lily starts to bloom. My favorite host is being overcome by all that foliage of the day lily.

I don't remember when I bought this hosta.  It was years ago. I think it could be sum and substance. It never grew this large until I got it out into moderate sunshine. I think too the good soil that I added to make it more healthy. I moved it from the old place and it never got this large up there. I planted a new clematis in this area yesterday at the one trellis. This morning I planted a canna in the front circle flower bed.  We bought a few hardy geraniums for the front yard gardens. The big, burly, bearded man that waited on us like our choice of the white and pink flowers on the geraniums. 

We will wait a few days to plant them as frost threats have been north of us and now to the east of us.  My tomatoes are hanging in there but I think they would do better in warm soil.

I have two different appointments today and we are eating in at the Panera Bread between the two.  It will be nice to get them over with and to be back home soon.

Thanks for checking in today.


Laurel Wood said...

This is a pretty sunset. I love the allium and the hosts. The gazing ball is beautiful too. My weather is much colder today too and we have had rain. Best wishes with your appointments and I hope you have a pleasant meal out.

The Furry Gnome said...

We've got an old milk can around here someplace. I wonder where it is?