Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Fun Birds and Flowers.....

 My pair of mourning doves like to hang out at the feeder together. The go everywhere together.  It is a fun pair of birds.

My iris is looking good. I think I must have recently moved this to the location last summer as the other iris here are the blue and white iris. Again this is one of my cemetery iris. 

This is my third iris to bloom. I joined a facebook group called Iris Traders. The iris was identified as a historic one and it had a strange name assigned to it. I do remember it as an old fashioned one that I would have seen around as a kid.  I believe I harvested this sample from my parents home where they had a whole row of it along the garage. 

I am struggling to get a focused photo of this cemetery iris. I wanted to get the blog out so please bear with me as I will return and get abetter shot. 

Another cemetery iris is this one shown here. It isn't a beauty and yet I like the history behind it. I have four of this kind of iris and one of them has yet to bloom. I mentioned in another blog that you can find these as dwarf iris in the catalogues. These small ones were the basis for the genetic creation of the hybrid iris, the big and beautiful ones. 

My tomato report today is one of a success in the planting. The tops of all my plants are developing normal green tops in them after surviving the cold. We are in a drought and small sprinkles of rain really are not helping out here. I will water them today maybe with some fertilizer in the water. 

I almost forgot to blog today but here it is. I hope everyone is having a good Sunday. Thanks for stopping by today.


Laurel Wood said...

Hello, the doves together at the feeder warms my heart. Such a sweet picture. I love all of your irises. Each one is beautiful.
Thanks for your comment on Ella and Cole. Ella is still very short for her age, but she has gained ten pounds since last year from the growth hormone injections.
Your little Ella sure is pretty. She is growing so fast. I always admire your grandchildren’s photos on your sidebar.

Rose said...

I so love those irises! That dark one really catches my eye!