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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Sunless Saturday.....

 It is a rainy looking sky. I could hear it raining while I started blogging but the deck is not wet. I am not hopeful to the forecast. We are really dry and in need of a good rain.

I was sloppy last fall and accidentally mowed over part of this. This spring I have been carrying water to it to bring it back. It is a spirea kind of plant but I don't remember its true identity. It is only a year old so it will grow bigger. 

The red twig dogwoods are blooming. They will have berries eventually which the birds do love to eat in the fall. I have to keep the bushes trimmed back so the mowing person doesn't get hit in the face. 

I was out in the cold getting photos this morning. I found this white iris with all of its buds perking up and getting ready to bloom. This is a large iris bloom and I am anxious to see it.  I have a couple of other varieties that have also budded but I think the white one blooms first. 

When I plant at different times of the year I do get into trouble. These two are way to close to each other. I will move the hosta later on as it isn't hard on the plants to dig them at any tie of the year. 

The space between the daylily and iris isn't great either. I was sick at the time I stuck in the iris and I bet the daylily wasn't even poking through yet. I may just leave them and see h ow the cohabit. 

I like this idea of planting hostas in the corners of the rose box. I have another box on the opposite side of the stairs and I did plant three more in that one yesterday. The rose is a climber and I had to cut back some dead canes from it. It certainly looks healthy and I am anxious to see its yellow blooms in a month or so. 

This will probably be the last of a few days for the two blooms. The rain will help to take them down. I now have to wait a year to see them bloom with much more gusto as the plant settles in its new location.  Thanks for stopping by today. I wish you all well where ever you are in the world.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Wow things are really growing for you!
Your white Iris should be awesome:)

Laurel Wood said...

I do hope you get the much needed rain. How fun to see all that is blooming in your yard. I love the irises and look forward to you sharing more pics. It was sunny today but very breezy. I hope you two have a lovely weekend.