Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, May 7, 2021

Friday's Finds.....

The plants are growing. The soil is so dry as we are in a drought. Maybe we will get rain Saturday.  In another week the whole area will look better.  The cold nights really have not bothered them and the sun shine today will help them to root better.

I watched the neighbor remove his seed heads on his rhubarb plants this morning. I won't being eating any of ours but I will keep it  as a foliage plant. When it gets to gig I will recycle the leaves. 

I was able to go out and do some garden work this morning. I have two bags of mulch spread and I transplanted some hostas. I was glad to get some of the work done.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Laurel Wood said...

Best wishes with your tomato plants. You always have lovely hostas. Glad you felt like getting a little yard work in this morning, I love the color of your Columbine,

The Furry Gnome said...

You've got your tomatoes planted out already! We wait til at least May 24th.