Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Middle of the Week......

The humming birds are quarreling over the feeder.  I suppose they are starting their migration south.  We will see them for a while.  I saw on the net that the pelicans are now on our lake.  I saw a couple at a distance the other day but I am awaiting for them to settle next to our mile long bridge With the water levels changing so much there may not be any greens growing in that area.

Lake Superior generally has clear water.  I took this on a calm day and the rocks are so easily seen. I didn’t see much water fowl on the lake this time but it must have been the time of the year.

Grand Marais, Minnesota spends a lot of time trying to keep the Canada geese population under control. There are a couple of dozen of them in the bay but I am sure they had captured and released them somewhere else.

Seagulls are forever. I don’t think there is any controlling of the population.  They are not so magical to see for us now as we live next to a lake that has seagulls here in central Iowa.  It seems to be normal to see them in freshly tilled farm land as well as seeking food from trash cans. I see them flying over our house off and on while Canada geese raise young ones each year over in the commercial bank pond next to our grocery store. Everyone brakes their car for a mother goose who is walking their baby geese across the highway.

Looking down under a bridge the water rapids are almost identifiable. A Minnesota river that feeds into the  Lake Superior has a rocky path helping to make large and small waterfalls.

A birch tree shows wonderful colors as the people along the trail keep peeling back the bark as they walk by the two trunks.  Gooseberry Falls is a busy place being visited by so many tourists.

The pigeons in Duluth, Minnesota take advantage of all the food stuff people drop along the streets. It is a smaller and quieter bird than some which seem to get along with the geese and seagulls.

Back home to the backyard, my zinnias seems o be enjoying the weather.  The gladioli are almost gone now with one branch of blooms still in sight. I was on Facebook where a person shared that they just buy a new pack of zinnia seeds and dump them in a certain area.  No more work was required as they just took over that plot of land. I plant mine in rows and I am not sure why.  I guess it is the old fashioned way that we grow vegetables.

Schedule doctor visit for my wife’s friend this afternoon so we will be out and about in the world. Thanks for stopping by today.

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Laurel Wood said...

Very pretty photos today. The lake is very clear. I saw another hummingbird while working in the yard today. They are attracted to the lantana. Your zinnias are so colorful and plentiful this year. Hope your friend's dr. visit goes well.