Monday, December 11, 2023

Mumble and Fumble.....



 The glass blown ornaments give my camera a little bit of a challenge. The reflective quality can mess with the automatic processes. I think I have a focused shot and then again I really don't on some of the takes. 


 I found one more thing that I could do for our outdoor decoration. It was garland that I hang around the outside trim of the doorway.  I almost didn't do it. I forced myself to get the small step ladder and struggle through the process. It looks good but I had to undo it once to get it centered from side to side. Houses with siding can be a pain when it comes to trying to attach things to it.  I found I could take sprigs of the garland and squeeze it between overlaps of the fake siding.  If I do enough of the parts of the garland it will stay up there.  

We are a little bit warmer today with sunshine. Our temps are going to go up and down a lot as we move into winter.  Eventually it will just be cold all of the time.  We don't have snow yet.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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Val Ewing said...

Yes the reflective surface of the ornaments are tough to deal with, I've noticed that myself.
Looks like you did an excellent job here!